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Greetings, fellow adventurers! As the seasons change, I can't help but notice that many of our wonderful customers are heading towards the northern hemisphere or northern Australia to soak up some sunshine. Meanwhile, some of you are eagerly venturing into snowy landscapes.

With your exciting travel plans in mind, I wanted to share some fantastic travel essentials that have been flying off the shelves here at Little Miss Audrey, your go-to homewares and fashion shop in East Malvern. From foldable hats to stylish bags and beauty cases, we've curated a selection of practical and fashion-forward items.

Heading to the Northern Hemisphere or Northern Australia:

travel in style, image of foldable blue hat

Foldable Borsalino Hats: 
Oh, the importance of staying stylish while protecting yourself from the sun's rays! Our foldable Borsalino Hats are the perfect travel companion during the warmer months. Crafted from a clever blend of paper and polyester, these hats are incredibly convenient to pack as they fold in half. The wide brim provides excellent shade, ensuring you stay protected. Just a friendly reminder, though: these hats aren't suitable for wet weather due to their composition.

Alfie & Evie Sneakers: 
I know how crucial comfortable footwear is when you're embarking on sightseeing adventures. That's why I highly recommend our Alfie & Evie sneakers. Crafted from premium breathable leather, these sneakers are a dream for your feet. They come with a removable inner sole that's orthotic-friendly and a memory arch support system. Not only will your feet thank you for their comfort, but you'll also turn heads with the effortlessly cool style they offer.

Obsessed Leather Bags: 
When it comes to our customers heading overseas, our Obsessed Leather Bags have become the go-to choice. These roomy companions can hold your travel itinerary, wallet, phone, sunglasses, and more. If you prefer a non-leather (vegan) option, I'm thrilled to recommend the Remi Shoulder Bag by Louenhide. It not only offers ample space for your belongings but also comes with two straps: a longer one for everyday use and a reversible shorter one for evening outings.

Compact Phone Bags and Crossbody Bags: 
For carrying the essentials like your phone and a small purse, we have an impressive selection from the Louenhide range. The Phoebe Puffer Phone Bag, Frankie Phone Crossbody Bag, and Halsey Sling Bag are both stylish and practical options. Another gem to consider is the Soho Crossbody from Elms + King, a reliable choice for any occasion.













Cosmetic & Beauty Cases:

To keep your toiletries, makeup, and beauty products organised, we've sourced a range of exquisite cosmetic and beauty cases. Discover Elms + King's Travel Case, which can easily accommodate toiletries or undergarments. For makeup enthusiasts, we have the Beauty Case, also from Elms + King. If you need extra room, the Amalfi Cosmetic Case from Louenhide is simply superb. And for those who prefer a more compact option, the Positano Cosmetic Case will suit your needs. Don't miss out on our funky felt cosmetic cases, the Sunday and Tori Hot Pink.

Travel Jewellery Boxes: 
We understand the importance of keeping your precious jewellery safe and organised during your travels. That's why we offer a range of travel jewellery boxes from Louenhide. The smaller Sisco and Valerie boxes are perfect for your delicate pieces, while the medium-sized Charlee box provides a touch more space. If you require ample room, the Tara box will accommodate all your treasured items. You can find these gems under the Jewellery Boxes & Trinkets section on our website.

Little Luxuries: 

Ah, the little things that make your travel experience all the more delightful! Allow me to introduce you to our collection of little luxuries. 

    1. Lips: Keep your lips hydrated and protected with lip balms from Murphy & Daughters or Olieve & Olie. For a touch of colour and nourishment, try the moisturizing lipsticks from Luk Beautifood. 
    2. Hands: And let's not forget about our hands—keep them soft and moisturised with the delightful hand creams from Huxter. We have small $10 ones for your on-the-go needs, as well as larger hand creams and balms from Huxter, Leif, or Olieve & Olie for a more indulgent experience.
  1. Perfume: Enhance your travel experience with our designer-inspired roll-on perfumes by The Perfume Oil Co. These 10ml perfumes are all Australian Made and contain no alcohol. They capture the essence of popular designer perfumes at a fraction of the price. The perfect addition to your handbag, these portable fragrances are ideal for taking on your holiday.

Explore these exquisite little luxuries and add a touch of elegance to your travels. Shop now at Little Miss Audrey and indulge in these delightful treats that will make your journey all the more memorable.

Heading to the Snow:

Travel Bags:

For those of you who are embracing the snowy wonderlands, we have the perfect travel bags to accompany you on your adventures. Our Elms+King Travel Bags and Louenhide Weekender Bag are ideal for your long weekend escapes to the local ski fields. You can trust these bags to keep your essentials secure and stylish, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable snowy getaway.

images of scarves, bags, beanies and gloves available at Little Miss Audrey | East Malvern

Beanies, Gloves, and Scarves:
Stay warm and stylish in the snowy landscapes with our collection of beanies, gloves, and scarves. We are excited to introduce Uimi, an Australian Merino Wool brand proudly made in Melbourne. Their beanies, gloves, and scarves are not only cosy but also crafted with exceptional quality. Additionally, explore the Love Kate range, offering wool beanies and fingerless cashmere gloves for a touch of luxury. For those seeking unique and sustainable options, don't miss the gloves and scarves from Iris & Wool. The wool used in these items comes from the designer's own sheep farm in Burra, South Australia. Embrace the winter chill with these fashionable and warm accessories.

As you prepare for your snowy adventure, don't forget to pack your essential travel accessories and stay cosy in style. Shop now at Little Miss Audrey and get ready to make unforgettable memories in the snow!

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