Better With You - Duo Pack

Better With You - Duo Pack

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Better With You

Duo Pack



Includes Colours:


Yes Way, Rose - a creamy soft baby pink, with white undertone.


Send Hearts Racing - the statment go-to red every girl needs in her nail polish collection. A true, bright red that will never go out of style.


Better With You - Duo Pack is the perfect gift for that special friend.


Say hello to naturally beautiful nails. Miss Frankie's healthy nail polishes utilise an innovative 10 FREE formula - that means it doesn't contain the common toxic ingredients found in many varnishes - that also allows penetration by air and water. The result is healthier, happier nails. Plus, they're safe to use when pregnant or on kids who like their fingers to have a little flourish.


They apply smoothly to produce flawless, even coverage, and are chip-resistant, long-lasting and fast drying. For best results, apply two coats after BOND WITH ME base and finish with MAKE ME SHINE top coat.


Miss Frankie is all about healthy, beautiful nails the natural way.


Vegan and Cruelty free.


Made in Australia.