Leif - Hand Balm 75ml
Leif - Hand Balm 75ml
Leif - Hand Balm 75ml

Leif - Hand Balm 75ml

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Hand Balm 75ml


1. Kakadu Plum with Macadamia Nut (Buttery & Comforting)

2. Buddha Wood with Sandalwood & Orange (Smoky & Meditative)

3. Boronia with Nutgrass, Oud and Patchouli (Wood & Spice) - NEW


Kakadu Plum - in a convenient pocket size, this super nourishing hand balm combines native Australian extracts rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Massage this vanilla scented moisturising formula gently over hands and cuticles until completely absorbed. We recommend pairing with the Buddha Wood Hand Wash or Lillypilly Hand Wash to keep hands happily cleansed and protected.

Kakadu Plum Extract - superior antioxidant containing the world's highest vitamin C. It can improve the skin's appearance and soothe irritation. Macadamia Nut Oil - contains natural moisturising properties that restore suppleness in dry, stressed skin. Quandong Extract - high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, it is refreshing, moisturising, and nourishing.


Buddha Wood - the perfect pocket sized hydrating hand balm, is Leif's most popular scent. It is called the balm of calm as it contains native Australian botanicals that work hard to keep you balanced. A formula rich in super nourishing Australian extracts with therapeutic properties and antioxidants. Massage gently into hands and cuticles until completely absorbed. Partner with the Buddha Wood Hand Wash or the Lillypilly Hand Wash to keep your hands clean and protected.

Buddha Wood Oil a distinctively woody scent which does wonders due to its calming, grounding effect. Sandalwood Oil - a warming scent which soothes stress and nervous tension. Sweet Orange Oil - a bright citrus scent known for its uplifting properties. Cedarwood Oil - a natural antiseptic that elevates the mood and warms the skin, supporting overal skin health.


Boronia - the perfect pocket sized hand balm, this is the newest addition to the Leif range. This humble, brown wildflower is prized for its unique botanical profile and complex fragrance. Native to Western Australia it blooms for just a couple of weeks each year adding flowery notes combined with the green freshness of cassis.

Boronia high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Boronia helps to prevent skin damage and works as a natural sleep aid. Nutgrass - a multi-use elixir, Nutgrass comforts and calms dry skin with its high Vitamin E content. Oud - a seductive and earthy aroma that instils a deep sense of peace and spiritual calm. Patchouli - a bushy, aromatic herb from the mint family which helps to relieve skin imperfections.