Stash Base Large - Charcoal
Stash Base Large - Charcoal

Stash Base Large - Charcoal

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Stash Base Large - Charcoal


Stash it. Store It. Carry It.

The stash base is stylish and seriously practical.


Take one on your beach trip to carry wet swimmers. Take one in your travel bag when going camping or on your local holiday for dirty laundry. Stash your towel, drink bottle, keys and phone at yoga or your local outdoor workout. Use for your first aid essentials in the car. Or holding all those baby essentials such as nappies and wipes.


Made from stretch jersey knit fabric backed with spongy neoprene, it's lightweight, soft and durable. The zipper will hold up to whatever to stash inside. And the nylon webbing strap makes it easy to hang or carry.


There's a lot you can fit in your large stash base. Here's just a few things:

  • your haidryer, brush and bobby pins for nights away
  • all your nappy change essentials for a day out
  • a set of spare shoes when you travel


The details:

  • Dimensions: W 39cm x H 27cm x D 13cm
  • Made from spongy, perforated neoprene and soft jersey
  • Nylon webbing handle to hang or carry
  • Designed to mix-and-match with the rest of the base collection
  • Lightweight, durable and machine washable
  • Durable zipper to keep things safe


The Stash Base Large also fits comfortably in the Go-To Base.


Your large stash base folds flat when not in use. Add a few stash base to your big base and you'll have everything you need for a casual weekend away.